Football Positions

Here are the football positions :

Football positions

Offence : 

Offensive line

The offensive line main job is to protect the QB so he can have enough time to run the play

the football positions of the offensive line are :


He is the one that actually start every play by snapping the ball to the QB.

Offensive guard(G)

they are two line men that stand of each side of the center. their main job is to block the opposite team defence from stopping the play by tackling the QB or in case of a run play the running back. their football positions are really important

Offensive tackle(T)

the most skilled players on the offensive line . the line up next to the guards on each side . their main job is to protect the QB “blind side”

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The leader of the offensive line . he is responsible for making the play and bring his team down the field. usually the QB will communicate with the head coach through a head set inside his helmet. the coach will call on the play so that the QB can run it through the team in the huddle. lots of the times a QB is needed to improvise or change the play right before the play is run because he believes that a different play will be more effective after he seas the defensive line stand.  the QB position is probably the most important position from all the football positions.

Running back(RB)

usually there are 2 on a team. on football positions there is  a full back and a half back. they are the power guys. the drills . the line up behind the offensive line and start running as soon as the ball is snapped to get momentum. when they come close to the QB he hands them the ball so they can literally pound their way down the field. a full back is usually a bigger guy then the half back and he makes the more power edge runs for short yards. the half back is more light on his feet and can maneuver better between the defence and find holes to run.

Wide receiver(WR)

These are the bolts of the team. the fastest guys on the team no doubt. they line up on the edges of the field near the side lines and when the ball is snapped they run a route hoping that the QB will throw the ball to them to catch at the end of the route. to play in this football positions they usually have long hands and are very athletic so they can jump high and make unbelievable catches. they are the power of the football positions

Tight end(TE)

Tight end are somewhat a mix between a offensive line man and a wide receiver. they are bigger and stronger then a wide receiver and slower as well. they are for more short yards routes and sometimes for blocking plays as well for a run play or another WR .

Defence : 

The defensive football positions

Defensive tackle(DT)

Usually there are 2 DT players on the defensive line . their main job is to rush the passer and stop the play as quickly as possible.if they notice that the offence is running a run play they will chase the runner and tackle him to the ground or try to force a fumble . if they notice a pass play they will rush to the QB and try to stop him from throwing any way they can.

Defensive end(DE)

they line up on the defensive line next to the DT and they are usually faster and lighter then the DT , there job is to cover the edges of the field and stop the runner from out running them down the field.

Linebackers : 

Football positions of the linebackers

 Middle linebacker(MLB)

this is the QB of the defence.he lines up at the middle of the defence right behind the defensive line and he has to make all the calls of the defensive team. he is also connected to the defensive coach through a head set so he can communicate to the other players his commands. this role is extremely difficult because he needs to be able to stop the runs . catch the fast WR if they come to the middle of the field and pay attention to the QB all at once.

Outside linebacker(OLB)

they line up against the offence TE and they are responsible for covering the short passes and often use as a blitzing players. they rush from the sides and try to tackle the QB before he can make any play making the offence loose yards and sometimes force a fumble .

Defensive backs : 


Usually two players that line up at the edges of the field against the offence WR . their main job is to stop the WR from completing a pass. they also try to catch passes themselves and intercept the ball. if they see a run play then their job is to contain the runner to the middle of the field so it will be easier to stop him or push him out of bounds to stop the play.


there are two safety’s on the team. the strong safety(SS) and the fast safety(FS) . the strong safety is a bigger and stronger player and he lines up at the middle of the field way back behind the defensive line and the fast safety usually lines up at the edges of the field as a last resort to stop a long pass play before the offence can score.

special teams football positions


his job is to kick the field goals and kick the kickoffs . he is a special kicker that kicks the ball of the ground.


He holds the ball for the kicker on the field goals and usually he is the second QB

Long snapper(LS)

This is a unique player that can snap the ball for a long distance to the holder or punter . he comes in instead of the center position when a punt is needed or a field goal attempt.


The punter is the player to kick the ball after the team has failed to pass 10 yards or score. he kicked the ball as deep as he can to the other teams territory so they have a long field to cover.

Punt returner(PR) & Kick returner(KR)

This is the player that catches the ball after a punt or a kickoff and tries to run it all the way down the field to give his offense a better start for the drive.


This player runs as fast as he can to try to tackle the returner before he can make some ground.

These are the football positions


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