Super Bowl Trophy

Super Bowl Trophy

It’s the most popular sport in the united stats and the most watched event in the world almost every year.yes we are talking about the super game that make or break one team for a whole year. and when the final whistle blows and a winner is called he gets the shiny super bowl trophy. one of the most prestige trophy in sport. lets learn more about it

what is the super bowl trophy

The super bowl trophy is called the Vince Lombardy Trophy, and it is hand-made every year by the Tiffany & Co company in New Jersey. it is given to the team who wins the super bowl every year and its considered the most prestige trophy in the United stats.

history of the trophy

believe it or not but the very first draft of the super bowl trophy was made on a simple sketch on a cocktail napkin during a launch meeting with the NFL commissioner at the time Pete Rozelle and the Tiffany % Co vice president Oscar Riedner. since that day until today the super bowl trophy is hand crafted by the Tiffany & Co company in New Jersey.until 1970 the trophy was called as The world championship trophy but when the legendary Green bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi died from cancer the NFL decided to change the name of the trophy to the Vince Lombardi trophy in his honor and to commemorate his victories in the first two super bowls.Unlike the Stanly cup trophy or other sports trophies. the Vince Lombardi trophy is made every year from scratch. the winning team of the super bowl keeps the trophy in her possession for all time.

How does it look

The trophy is 56 cm tall and weighs 3.2 the top there is a football in the kicking position that stands over a three-sided concave stand.its made of starling silver. the whole thing! they hand grave the words ” Vince Lombardi Trophy ” and the roman numerals of the  super bowl of that year in the bottom part of the trophy inside the NFL shield logo.when a team wins the super bowl the Tiffany & Co company takes the trophy and add the teams names and date and final score of the game to the trophy and then return it to the winning team. Here is a great video showing just how the trophy is made : 

great so who won the most trophies

The Pittsburgh Steelers has won six trophies and currently holding the record. after them we have the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas cowboys with five trophies each, green bay packers and the new York giants have four super bowl trophies and the new England patriots ,the Washington redskins and the Oakland raiders all have can see the full list of super bowl winners here.

interesting facts about it

1 : When a team wins the super bowl a replica small trophies are made by the Tiffany & co company for every player on the team to keep.

2 : The first sketch of the trophy was drawn on a cocktail napkin

3 : no team has ever won the trophy for three years in a row

4 : The ball on the top of the trophy is a regulation size ball that is completely wrapped in silver

5 : It takes the Tiffany & Co craftsmen almost four months to make the trophy

6 : Tiffany & Co also make the Pete Rozelle trophy that is given to the most valuable player every year.

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