American football films

One of the first films made about American football was Horse feathers in 1932. since then movie makers never looked back
and embraced the idea of mixing football and cinema. when you think about it now. you understand why.
American football is a sport that combines all the elements needed to be competitive and entertaining all at once.
no one can resist a story about team work. courage pain and happiness and football has it all . hell you get all these things and more in a single game.
it was in the 1940’s that American football films really toke off . maybe because of all the things going on in the world that era the movies became
more and more inspirational and heart warming like “all American” with pat o’brien and many others at that time.
i guess people felt that they can relate with their heros on the big screen or maybe they just needed a well earned brake from it all and sit back and relax
After WW2 in the 50’s and 60’s American football films toke a changing turn a bit for a while and got more focus on the individual hero of the team and this sets the stage to whats to come the golden years of American football films.
as football became more popular and television programing was starting to be more common it was a no brainier that this thing will catch on. kids would see their favorite QB wins the game with a final play touchdown pass
and from that moment on al they ever want is to grow up and be the next big name in american football.
Football can make you cry, make you lough your ass off and completely angry. a lot of emotions rise while watching a football game. same as with movies.who can forget the movie “brian’s song” about the true legend Brian piccolo.
and as a good game leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction so does a good movies for sure.
the 70’s was a troubling time for America. with Vietnam and Watergate fans began to feel that their country is letting them down..and you can see it in the movies as well. “north Dallas forty” digs deep into the politics that happen off the field and shows that there are battles to be won not by playing football but by believing yourself and pushing your self forward and never giving up.
“The longest yard” shows that even in this beloved sport the biggest stars can betrayal it as in life.the main character shaving points and betraying his team is almost as straight forward as describing what went down in the country in those years.
American football films was peeking no doubt. and i think gave hope to the fans that things can come around and every body can come back up in the last quarter and win the game.
other the years football films got back to basics and started telling the stories of the future of this sport. the kids
high school football was reborn in the cinema. stories of redemption, small town life and ambition was the word and everyone loved it .
“Friday night lights” and “Remember the titans” were probably the best movies made about the game and its no surprise that they are both based on actual events. American football is all about team work and these films show it like no other.

american football films and the great game of football goes hand in hand.
and i believe we will see lots of great films about this sport in the future.

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