NFL logo

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NFL logo

NFL logo

The national football league dates way back in the 1920’s but the famous Shield logo or as many refer to it just as the NFL logo has been created about 20 years later and it has stayed almost the same all these years.let us take a look back at the NFL logo history.

In 1940 the first NFL logo was created and it looked like this :

old nfl logo

as you can see the logo is made of a shield with 25 stars in the upper level.above them there is a football or pigskin as they used to call it back in the day.some people in those days used to call the football the hamburger because it is resembling two buns and a hamburger in between. in the bottom part of the design there’s the initial NFL that stands for National Football league.the entire design is made only with three colors. red,blue and white, much like the American flag.

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It has been said that the NFL logo shield is meant to symbolize the pride that this game has. it is also to symbolize the power and intensity of the game. when you look at a shield you feel proud to be part of the league and it gives a sense of superior.The colors of the NFL logo are carefully selected to match the united states flag. this gives the logo its nationality and there is no mistake when watching it you know it is an American sport. the red font letters NFL are in bright red to give the league its supremacy.this logo served the NFL up until 2008 when the league decided it was time to update it.

in 2008 the NFL logo was redesigned to this :

NFL logo

You can see the shield got thinner and leaner.with a darker shade of blue.they decreased the stars from 25 to 8 same as the 8 divisions in the league.the “hamburger ball” is now more 3d like and looks more like a football then a meal. the text changed his font to a sharp one. no more curved corners and this is to symbolize professionalism.they kept the colors the same : red, blue and white and you can also see the changes are small tweaks because they didn’t want to lose their historical touch that the NFL is so proud of and still show they value the tradition.The NFL logo is one of the most recognizable logos in the world and the NFL is doing a great job at marketing it. over the years the league had designed lots of NFL logos and although i was unable to find who designed the original logo i can say that Jamie Weston who is the NFL director of brand and creative had a lot to do with it.

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