2013 NFL season predictions

The 2013 NFL season has started a couple of weeks ago, finally, we all waited for too long to our football fix. some teams looks great, some don’t, i remember a lot of talk before the season started and even during the preseason but what we are seeing is a different thing all together, i feel there are some players like cam newton and Sam Bradford that are finally getting their game on and not playing like rookies, and on the other hand I see veterans players like Eli Manning that just can’t seem to get things right up until this point of the season.

my take on this season is that the Atlanta Falcons will win the super bowl. i have been following them for a couple of years now and they just got better and better each year until last year they were ready to explode but just lost the critical game. i feel that this year they will go all the way and win! just to point out that im not a hardcore falcons fan. i love the game of football and i enjoy good games with almost every team in the league. i have been following this sport for around 20 years now and i think its Atlanta’s year.

i would love to hear what you guys (and girls ) have to say about this year season and who do you think will go all the way.

I have placed a poll that you can vote who do you think will win the super bowl this year. each user can vote only once and the voting will stop at Feb 5 2014.

Super Bowl Winner Poll

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