The long waited super bowl

The long waited super bowl

So the football season is almost over. in about ten days the big game will come and go…no matter who wins that’s not the point of this article, we are sure it will be a great game and the best team will win. but we want to focus on another matter. when arriving to the 4 of Feb, no more football games no more Sunday night football or Monday night. for all our football fans this will be a sad day. so i decided to write a few suggestions to the day after the super bowl.

a great way to spend those sundays without a game is to watch a football movie. here are some of the best that i know of :

1 : Friday night lights : this is a great movie a true classic about a high school football team and growing up – it also has a TV show that has been really successful. i recommend it.the TV show is better then the movie in my opinion but some will disagree.

2: Any given sunday – maybe the best football movie ever made. watch it. you wont regret it. great cast : al pacino . jamie foxx and more

3 : Remember the titans : a true story on the terrible accident that killed the entire titans football team and their story of making it against all odds. this is a must see for a true football fan.

4 : The longest yard : a funny football movie with Adam sandler but a great one non the last. it is more a light comedy style movie but it is worth a watch any way.

5 : Rudy : again a tru classic. the amazing tale of friends as one of them gets cancer and the other one supports him all the way on and off the field.

6 : The second string : an OK movie. not the greatest ever but if you have nothing better to watch. it is still a solid football movie.

7: Jerry maquier : another classic. Tom cruise maybe in his best movie ever. the life of a football players agent as he suddenly grows a conscious and start to care about his players. leaving him with only one.

i could go on and on about american football movies but this is not the place. I’m sure you all have your sources of getting good movies.

until next year season. i hope i made your time a little bit more enjoyable and see you all in the 2013 NFL season.

for the full best football movies list click the link

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