Troy Aikman

troy Aikman

Troy Aikman

Born in 1966 Troy Aikman was a Dallas cowboys quarterback for twelve years and won three super bowls with them in his time with the team.he also got picked to the pro bowl six times in his career and was the super bowl XXVII MVP. there is no doubt that Troy Aikman is one of the best players that ever played the game of American football.

In college Troy Aikman played for the Oklahoma sooners under head coach Barry switzer but he did not get to play much there.after a hard ankle injury Troy Aikman was out for the season forcing the sooners head coach to replace him with quarterback Jamelle holieway . the team won the 1985 national championship that year and Jamelle went on to be the starting quarterback instead of Troy Aikman. after troy got better he decided to transfer to UCLA in chance of being the starting quarterback there. after transferring Troy Aikman was red shirted for one year but when he got a chance to play he killed it with a 20-4 record in two years. winning lots of awards and championships Troy Aikman led the UCLA to their to the aloha bowl in 1987 and he was third for the Heisman trophy that year. after a bruin win 17-3 in the cotton bowl that was played in Dallas cowboys stadium the fans name Troy Aikman as the cowboys next quarterback and soon after they got there wish.Troy Aikman was the number one pick in the 1989 NFL draft picked obviously by the Dallas cowboys.during troy rookie season he finished with a record of 0-11 not the best in all accounts but in his second season he led the cowboys to a 7-9 record loosing the playoffs seat by only one 1991 now the third year of aikman with the Dallas he led the team to a 6-5 record before getting injured and missing the entire season. he returned to the NFC divisional playoff game against the Detroit lions but lost it 38-6. this was the first of straight six years that Troy Aikman was selected to the pro bowl. in 1992 everything was going right for troy and he led the cowboys to their first Superbowl win blowing away every team in the league and winning the buffalo bills. 52-17 troy was named super bowl MVP that 1993 troy led the cowboys again to a division title and a trip to the super bowl where they meet the buffalo bills again and win 30-13 and their second super bowl 1995 the cowboys made it to super bowl XXX and played the Pittsburgh steelers and won 27-17 this was Troy Aikman third super bowl title and from that point it was slowly the end of the this great quarterback career.the 2000 season was the last season troy played he left the cowboys leaving with records such as all time leading passer with 32,942 yards . 90 of his 94 career wins were in the nineties and were the most by any quarterback until manning broke that record.Troy Aikman is one of the most gifted players to ever play the game.

a few interesting facts about troy Aikman :

1: The new york mets offered Troy Aikman a contract when he was still in high school but wisely he declined and said he want be a football quarterback.

2: No one caught more passes from Troy Aikman then Michael Irvin. throwing to him 49 times and completing.

3 : the longest pass Troy Aikman ever completed was a 94 yards pass touchdown to Alvin Harper. troy is a hall of famer and his name will echo fir ages when talking about American football and Dallas cowboys football.

here is a highlights clip of Troy Aikman :

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