American football films – Friday Night Lights

Today i wanna talk about Friday night lights. when starting this blog about American football films i think i immediately thought about this movie.

american football films - friday night lights
it has a really good script im my opinion and a really good cast.
here is the story line of this movie and after that i will tell you why this one is probably my favorite on the American football films.

The film itakes place in 1988, and covers the story of the High School football team called Permian. It starts with an overhead shot of the Stadium in Odessa, The film jumps right into things and all in all is a little bit different from other American football films. right at the start of the film they take us to the  first day of practice. Coach Gary Gaines ( which is played by Billy Bob Thornton),is in his second season there, and everybody expects the team to win state.
QB Scott Winchell (Lucas Black) battles with being able to perform continually. Fullback Don Billings (Garrett Hedlund) has a rugged connection with his alcohol addiction and violent dad(this theme is popular in American football films inserting the hardships of the main characters that happens off the field.) this gives us a more personal look at them and helps us relate to the story. who doesn’t have a bad story to tell from his life. i think we all do. (Tim McGraw). Billingsley quietly continues the misuse from his dad, who won conditions tournament at Permian only to discover himself incapable to get into higher education and trapped operating a dead-end job. American football films always cast a great actor to play the role of the head coach.
Coach Gaines triumphs and battles with successful football games and linking with his gamers a variety of periods during their tremulous period. His job is determined by the Panthers making the year divisional playoffs, and his group is in a three-way tie with two other groups at the end of the frequent period.
i will stop here not the revel the whole movie. but this is a must see and as i said it is one of the best in my American football films list.
Following this great movie came out a TV series with the same title”Friday night lights” and quickly became one of the most popular TV shows on tv. so any of you who enjoyed this movie a strongly recommend watching it. even though it is not a film I’m mentioning it here on the American football films list because it is awesome.

Here is a trailer of Friday Night Lights – American football films  :


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