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American football films

there is nothing grater then a good football game.when you sit and watch the pre game show then work your way onto the games itself . its the greatest show on earth for those of us who love the game during off season we find ourselves lacking the football fix we got used to during the season. and I’m sure that many of you like me enjoy good American football films and shows made about American football. so to that end. i created this blog to help all those who seek American football films. you can find good information here on movies made on the game also i will write some informative knowledge on the game like rules and positions and stuff like that for those of us that aren’t familiar yet . when talking about American football films usually the theme is about a group of young aspiring kids or adults that love the game and chasing the dream of being a professional foot ball player . the films usually revolves around 1-3 main characters and tell their story within the team. any one who knows football knows that it takes lots of heart and devotion to be a good football player. obviously you will need to be a great athlete as well. but the great thing about this sport is the stories about those who made it against all odds. the little kid in the class that everyone pushed around that grows to be the next tom Brady. or the young teen that grow up in the projects dreaming of making it in the game just to  be able to support his family and “get out of the life ” these things make a good American football film. and that’s the best thing about them.

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