Tony romo – missing the x factor

Tony romo – missing the x factor

Tony romo

Tony romo is the quarterback of an elite American football team. and he plays good. actually he plays really good but the one thing he cant seem to achieve is a championship ring. as it goes to singers or other artists in any field you need to have that x factor that makes you a star. tom Brady has it,Payton manning has it and some other great players around the league do. its that little thing you cant explained that makes you better then anyone else. makes you stand
out and at the bottom line win.

Tony romo in his personal life acts like a super star.when being around him you feel you are around a star and he sure show it. if its he’s romance of two years with pop star singer and actress Jessica Simpson or he’s recently shows on the radio station or even the former miss Missouri Candice Crawford to whom he is married to and have a child. for all that reasons you can say – hay , Tony romo is a super star. but the reality is very different.

although having  a very good record and rating as a quarterback, Tony romo has never won a championship , ever, he is 32 years old and he is playing professional football for the past 9 years. ever since 2003 and still he never reached the star level as like of other players who some are younger then he could say a lot of things about this and I’m sure there are a lot of reasons why he never delivers. but my opinion is that he is just missing that x factor that stars have.

stars have an x factor that makes them shine and better themselves during crunch times. when the money balls are. and they usually win and comes up on top. Tony romo just fails. like all the this stage of his career i don’t see an option where he becomes a champion and that is too bad for the Dallas cowboys because this club is an amazing team that deserve to be a top contender for the championship every year. i guess in the next year or so we will start
seeing them looking for Tony romo replacement and that would be the best thing that could ever happen to them.

Here are some crucial reasons why tony romo is not a good quarterback :

1 : being playing professional football since 2003 that’s nine years and never won a championship!

2 : plays golf during his off seasons. don’t get me wrong. there is nothing wrong with golf and that’s great that he likes other sports. but really? playing golf during your off maybe you should focus on improving your quarterback skills so you wont throw so many interceptions instead of teaing it up with tiger woods. or just change sports altogether and play golf professionally.

3 : missing the x factor. you can see it on his face. when you look at a star you just see it. when looking at Tony romo you just don’t.

so maybe Tony romo is great at a lot of other things. but playing football isn’t one of them.

am i right ? leave your comments below …Boom , Done.

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