American football injuries

American football injuries

american football injuries

Injuries in American football are a well known issue when it comes to this sport. but we want to get in to the mix and really give you an idea of how much American football injuries happiness almost every game and sometimes players can end a career with one single mistake or tackle.

The NFL has an injury report that all the teams in the league must report their injured players or suffer a big fine . when a player suffer an injury the medical stuff of his team will check him and decide the level of his injury by the scale of :

1 : Out ( will not play in the next game )

2 : doubtfull ( 25% chance of playing in the next game )

3 : Questionable ( 50% chance of playing in the next game )

4 : Probable ( 75% chance of playing in the next game )

but a lot of the times the teams manipulate their call to confuse other teams about their players health issues so when meeting them when they play the opposite team can not prepare in advanced according to the injury report.

here are the top 9 american football injuries :

1\2 : Sprain and strain injuries

american football injuries - spraind and strains

A sprain or strain injuries are probably the most common american football injuries due to the massive effort players put on their muscles. it occurs when a ligament is being stretched beyond its capacity and it will usually torn, when that happens besides the pain the player will loose his mobility and will need a surgical repair to the muscle or ligament.

there are 3 classes of sprains and strains :

a : First degree sprain is where only a few fibers of the ligament have tears.

b : Second degree sprain is where a third or almost every fiber of the ligament are teared.

c : Third degree sprain is a complete tear of the ligament.

3 : Muscle Contusion

muscle contusion - american football injuries

American football players suffer this injury a lot – most of the times it is a light injury that can heal quickly but sometimes it can cause problems and bench a player for a while. a muscle contusion is where tissues of the muscle are crushed due to a hard blow or impact. in hard cases blood can collect within a damaged tissue and beneath the skin bleeding can cause shock and may take months to heal.

4 : Fractures

fracture - american football injuries

Fractures can occur when players collide or when landing bad after a hard tackle. fractures can happen almost in every bone in the body so this American football injury is very common.

5 : Joint dislocation

joint disloaction - american football injuries

This injury occurs when the bones in the joints are displaced or misaligned . it usually happens due to a sudden hard impact. American football players suffer this injury often because of the hard tackles that come with this game.

6 : Nerve injury

nerve injury - american football injuries

a nerve injury can occur from a fracture, laceration or pinching. our body is full of nerve fibers and when suffering from nerve damage these fibers can be turn or hurt. when one suffers a nerve injury he will loose the ability to move the body part that was attached to that nerve.the most likely body parts to be effected by a nerve injury are the arms and legs. there are three degrees of nerve injury :

Neurapraxia – the least severe nerve injury where the nerve structure remains intact and a full recovery can happen.

Axonotmesis – a more severe injury where the nerve fibers are somewhat turn or hurt. this will cause paralysis and
motion loss but still there is a possibility of recovery.

Neurotmesis – the most severe nerve injury where the fibers are turn completely and recovery is not likely.

7 : Torn cartilage

torn cartilage - american football injuries

usually happens to the knees of American football players this injury is a season ending one. this happens when the knee joint bends the thigh bone and then the cartilage that gives the cushion between the two bones is nipped and torn. in some cases a knee surgery is needed to repair the knee but more light knee injuries just needs time to heel.

8 : Lacerations

lacerations - american football injuries

this injury occur when the skin is tored or ripped apart by a result of a sharp object hitting the skin.

there are five types of lacerations :

a: Split lacerations – most commonly show up in the head , face , hands and legs this occurs when the skin or body is  crushed between two objects.

b: Over stretching – usually happens when an object is striking the skin in a way that he stretches it or pulling it making it stretch and brake.

c: Grinding – when an object hits the skin in an angle that peels the skin same as peeling a potato. this will result in the skin tearing and the tissue underneath to be damaged.

d: cut – the most common laceration . this will occur when any sharp object like a knife hit the skin causing it to tear or brake and sometimes the tissue under it .

e: Tearing – when an object is pushing the skin in two different ways the skin will tear.

9 : Concussion


a brain injury caused by a traumatic blow to the head or body. or any type of impact that will shake the brain inside the skull.this is the main issue in the past years to the NFL trying to limit these types of injuries .
american football injuries are part of the game that we all love and play. but we should never forget that you always have to play safe.

here is a clip of some american football injuries :

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