American football movie – Remember the titans

Remember the titans – American football movie

Remember the titans - american football movie

Remember the titans is based on a true story that toke place in Virginia schools around 1971. its about two football teams
one all white boys and the other all black. when the decision to close these schools and integrate them both into one interracial school that’s when trouble starts and the boys have to find away to “live” with each other. this is an American football movie classic

when the head coach of the all black school is given the job of coaching the new mixed racial football team a lot of the
players and people of the town are against it and try to do whatever they can to stop this from happening.
before the team have even won a single game the coach is facing big problems ( like it happens in almost every American football movie )  when his teammates are fighting and not getting along.
he takes them in the middle of the night for a long run ending in the cemetery where the battle of gettysburg was fought and gives
them an inspirational speech about having heart and wins them over. before there first game the coach is given the heads up by the school
board that if he looses a single game during his season he will be fired.
Denzel Washington plays one of his best movies here and during the movie you can see that his character is slowly but surly convincing everyone that he knows what he is doing and he is a great football the time he finishes with this team
they are all getting along and some even become friends showing and maybe teaching the whole town that race has nothing to do with football and that two people from different colors and backgrounds can get along just fine and even win some football games.
they have an undefeated season that year and win the championship even though that in the semi finals the referees are clearly ruling against
the titans and it is obviously that the game has been fixed. even the coach is offered to be indite to the hall of fame if he agrees to loose  the game.

Here are some interesting facts about this American football movie :

1 : almost all the players in the movie were real players on the titans real team. the cast was build around almost every player that played that year. this is really important in order to make a good American football movie.

2 : the whole scene in the football camp really happened. the coach actually toke all the players and force them on each other
before the season started so they can learn each other and learn to get along . this was a smart move by him and giving him the
advantage of being out of the city from the towns sight.

3 :The middle of the night run to the cemetery did not actually happen. the team did visit there but this scene was made up and did not happen outside this American football movie.

I love this American football movie because i love a good storyline and this film surly has it . its not just about football. its about racial ignorance
and it tries to teach us important life lessons and i think every good American football movie should do that

So if you already watched it and for those who still haven’t. you should definitely do. this American football movie is one of the best ones in this
genre and I’m sure you will love it. check out more titles at our best football movies page

Here is a trailer of this great American football movie – Remember the titans :

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