Jerry Maquire – American football films

American football films – Jerry Maquire

Jerry Maquire - American football films

This film is in my American football films list and i write about it because its one of the best.

A young aspiring sports agent does what he can to make it to the top.braking all the rules crushing everyone that comes in his path. it looked like the future of Jerry maquire was set on success. but all that comes with a price. eventually he suffered a major nervous breakdown due to stress and guilt for years of destructive behavior. American football films often shows  a men journey towards salvation and he is trying to redeem his life and change his ways he decided to put all his career stories in a book and revile to all all the dirty little secrets of the business and how he thinks it should be run the right way and not buy laying and manipulating the athletes into bad contracts just to cut there piece and make lots of money. while this book touch a lot of co-workers and they applaud him for writing it the management of the company didn’t like it one bit and they decided to fire him on the spot. now in a race against time Jerry and his competitors try to snag all of his clients . jerry tries to convince them not to sign with the company but come to him and
be represented the new way and the right way while his competitors try to steal every client he has.( usually American football films doesn’t show these sides of the game )while talking to one of his clients that is not happy with his contract the wide receiver for the Arizona cardinals tries to see if maquire is worthy of him to stay on board . this is the famous ” show me the money ” scene that every one knows from this movie. while the two talked the company has already taken most of his clients
and Jerry has left with the wide receiver and a college football player that is supposed to be the number one pick in the upcoming draft.while leaving his office and clearing his things Jerry announces that he will start his own agency and ask’s who wants to join him. only one employee agrees and it is his secretary that was deeply touched by his memorare.
while Jerry and his one man staff travel to the NFL draft his former company re-signs the number one pick behind his back and Jerry is crushed by it. turning to his soon to be wife for support he realises he doesn’t love her at all and breaks up with her on the spot. after that he and his  secretary became close and eventually start dating.months later the pressure of having only one client and a difficult one to say the least  Jerry is slowly loosing control of everything. after marrying his secretary to keep her from not leaving him it seems it all slips again. she finally breaks up with him for believing he doesn’t love her although this is not true. after all his efforts his only client finally had
a good game and he had something to sell. Jerry closed a contract for his client who his now his friend so he can finish his pro football carrier with some dignity. he discovers this when he is a guest on one of the most watched sporting shows on TV and he cant hide his emotions. meanwhile Jerry flies back to his wife and enters her house and in front of her entire family he says “hello” and gives her a long speech about why they should be together and that she completes him . after all that she only says ” you had me at hello” and this became one of  the most recognizable scenes in American football films and movies altogether.

This film was made in 1996 and jerry maquire is played by Tom cruise. the secretery dorothy boyd is played by renee zellweger and she has  her best preformers in this film . there is also alot of good actors in this film making this one of the best american football films.

i love it because it shows sides of the game that were maybe unfamiliar before and that football is played not just on the field

so all you football fanatics out there I’m sure you would love this movie

Here is a trailer of this great american football films classic :

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