Best NFL stadiums – top 10 countdown

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best NFL stadiums – top 10 countdown

best nfl stadiums
the national football league is a very rich sport. some of the teams have a budget that looks unreal to some of us.
but how do they spend it? we checked to find the best NFL stadiums in the league and the results may surprise you.


best NFL stadiums countdown :

10 : Soldier field

best nfl stadiums-soldiar field
i love the bears i really do but there stadium is just not on the top standards of today. here are some facts, it holds 61 thousands seats. that’s the least of NFL stadiums around the league, if you want to be inside the best NFL stadiums list you need better then this,it has real grass that can be great in some areas of the country but with the hard weather in Chicago during the winter it makes it really hard to play there even for the home team. not to mention the poor fans trying to watch a game in the snow. i say OK- you wanted to preserve the history and show it that’s great. but the stadium just looks outdated.

9 : Lincoln financial Field

best nfl stadiums-Lincoln financial Field

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the home of the eagles.this stadium is built for business.the fans has lots of room to wander here and it is not crowded they call it the eagle nest and it holds 69 thousands seats this stadium is for true fans and it shows it.

8 : Ford Field

best nfl stadiums-Ford Field

home of the Detroit lions. this beautiful stadium has 64 thousands seats and it is our first closed door stadium. it was originally designed to be an open field stadium but that was changed to take full advantage of the structure. it has an outside look and feel of a warehouse but don’t let that fool you. it is a top level playing field that gives the fans a really home like feeling and you can sense it when you watch a game there.

7 : FedEx Field

best nfl stadiums-FedEx Field

Washington redskins play here. and they do it in front of 85 thousands fans. making it the second biggest stadium in the national football league in terms of seats.the stadium has five levels. each level is named after an important figure in the redskins history.FedEx Field also has a very home field feel to it and teams that come to play here struggle with the atmosphere.

6 : Met-life Stadium

best nfl stadiums-Metlife Field

home of the jets and giants. this is a beauty. with 82 thousands seats that divides in to three levels this is a classic old school stadium.the new york giants and the new york jets both share it and build it together making it a really expansive stadium to build but i think the result came out really good and the fans seems to love it.

5 : Century Link Field


Seattle sea-hawks play here. this is the most unique stadium in the list and the most home field in the league. when playing here the fans make so much noise that the opponents here makes lots of mistakes making the crowd a real part of the also has the most amazing skyline and a unique design.with 67 thousands seats. this stadium is one of the top five of the best NFL stadiums list.

4 : Lucas Oil Stadium


the home of the Indianapolis colts. this is an amazing architectural stadium.its an indoor stadium but the roof can open completely in less then ten minutes. one of the only stadiums in the league that has that feature, with 62 thousands seats and it is build in the middle of the city you have lots of restaurants and business around it to keep your fans happy.

top three best NFL stadiums

3 : lambeau Field


home of the green bay packers. this is the oldest stadium in the league. but it feels like one of the bests.the design and shape of the field is unique as you can see it is like an egg making it really comfortable for the fans. also i think it is one of the only stadiums that the fans seats are really close to the grass making them feel part of the game for sure. it is an historical place for every football fan.

2 : Mercedes-Benz Super-dome


we all know the Louisiana story with the storm making the town in to rabble and the dome was the major place to hide and recover. after that it was renovated and turned into the new Mercedez-Benz super-dome and this stadium just looks like the beginning of something great.

1 : Cowboys Stadium


Home of the Dallas cowboys.and as the saying goes about Dallas. they do everything big.this massive stadium has the ability to store 100 thousands seats. making it the biggest stadium by far. it is the future of NFL stadiums and we will see all the other teams try to match it up in the future. with lots of art inside and a UFO look out side this stadium in the top NFL stadium with no doubt.

think we got it wrong? please leave a comment to share your thoughts on the best NFL stadiums.

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