Bill Belichick – 5 reasons why he is the best coach ever

Bill Belichick

bill belichick

The greatest football coach ever. with no doubt.Bill Belichick is still an active coach on the league but we all sure that he will take his place as the greatest national football league coach this post we will review the many reasons why Bill Belichick is the greatest and we are sure after reading this you will all agree.

The life of Bill Belichick.

he was born in April 16 , 1952 in Nashville Tennessee. but was raised in Maryland by a father who was an assistant coach at the naval academy. Bill Belichick played lacrosse and some football as a high school kid back in 1970. as he graduated high school he decided to enroll for a postgraduate for one year to improve his grades so he could get in to a top level college. many years latter the same high school will honor Bill Belichick as a athletics hall of honor in the college bill studied economics and graduated in that field from the university of connecticut he also played as a center and tied end on the football team. after graduating Bill Belichick toke a job as an assistant to the Baltimore colts head coach in 1975 and this was actually his first blood in his coaching career. from that point on it was clear what he wanted and we all know where he is at right now.

5 reasons why Bill Belichick is the best coach ever :

1 : game plans that makes hall of fame – in 1979 while coaching as a defensive assistant and special teams coach with the new york giants and also taking
part of the linebackers duties in the 1980’s eventually taking the defensive coordinator title with the team in 1985 under the legendary coach bill parcells.the giants won two super bowls ( 1986 , 1990 ) his game plan for the team defence that gave them the win 20 to 19 over the buffalo bills in super bowl XXV is now in the pro football hall of fame.

2 : Bill Belichick is worth much more then a first round draft pick – after bill left the patriots in 1996 to move him and a lot of his coaching crew to the new york jets back under the bill parcells wing serving as an assistant head coach and defensive coordinator for two years. when parcell finally left the head coaching position bill was already signed with the management as his replacement in the head coach seat.but during his introduction as the head coach bill pulled out a leaf paper and scrolled it showing it to the cameras and it said ” resign as HC of the NYJ” followed by a half hour speech why he was doing that. after all that Bill Belichick was introduced as the patriots head coach but the jets claimed that he was still under their contract and would not let him go. so the patriots agreed to give the jets the first round draft choice the following year only for the right to sign Belichick.

3 : having absolute control – Bill Belichick is the patriots head coach but he is also their general manager. he is only one of four head coaches that have this title and he performs it better then anyone, only one year after he was introduced as head coach he won the super bowl with the new England patriots making it the first ever super bowl win in team history.

4 : winning three super bowl in three years! – Bill Belichick is the only head coach in the history of the national football league to win three super bowls in a four year period. you can find out all about the super bowl and super bowl winners here.

5 : a winning record! – Bill Belichick has a 139 – 53 record in 12 seasons with the patriots. this stat is amazing in all accounts. he is the winning-est coach in the history of the NFL and he also have a 16-6 record in the playoffs with a  3-2 super bowl record.

with all that info you can not deny that Bill Belichick is the best football coach of all time.

here is a high light clip of some of Bill Belichick games :


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