packers vs bears

packers vs bears – longest NFL rivalry

packers vs bears

the longest national football league rivalry is between the packers vs bears.they are going at it ever since 1921 when they had there first is the most talked about rivalry in the league not only because it is the longest usually packers vs bears games are exciting and really close.

with combined 22 NFL championships that include five super bowls and not less then 48 members in the pro football hall of fame these teams are the top of their league.they have played each other 185 times and currently Chicago is leading with a 92 – 87 wins.the largest win ever between packers vs bears belongs to the bears with a 61 – 7 win in December 7 1980 but the longest wining streak belongs to the packers with a ten straight win streak from 1994 to 1998 many times the winner of this rivalry continued to win the division championship so both teams take this game very seriously has it can change the whole momentum of the season.the players show it on the field as packers vs bears games are always tough, hard hitting and tackles are a must see in those games.that’s why they are so enjoyable to watch.

here are some of the best games of packers vs bears :

November 2 1941 – packers win 16 to 14. the bears had a perfect season and comes in the game undefeated with a five game wining streak. but all that changes when they meet the rivalry packers.the packers have shut the bears out in the first three quarters and everybody was stunt leading 16 – 0 , but in the last quarter the bears made an amazing comeback only to come short of the win loosing by two points.

september 11 , 1995 packers win 27 to 24 – legendary quarterback Brett favre leads the packers to a 27 – 7 lead with an amazing 99 yards touchdown pass the only eight time that was accomplished in the history of the game. the bears managed to comeback with 17 unanswered points but come short again to loose the game by three points.

january 23, 2011 the NFC championship game – since 1941 these teams have not met in the playoffs.packers started the game strong with a 14 – 0 lead and looked sure in for the win. meanwhile bears quarterback Jay cutler was injured and could not play.the second string QB Todd collins was not playing good at all and was replaced by Caleb Hannie that played better with a touchdown drive to make it a one possession game. but eventually Hannie would throw an interception that results in a packers touchdown that gave them a big lead and a win of the game. packers went on to win the super bowl that year only proving that the winner between packers vs bears usually goes for bank .

fun facts about the packers vs bears rivarly :

1 : packers and bears have a combined 22 championships. that is almost the most combined wins in the history of the game.

2 : packers vs bears is the longest rivalry in the national football league ever since 1921.

3 : they play each other usually twice a year being in the same division. making it the most active rivalry in the league.

packers bears rivalry always manages to keep the excitement levels up . everyone can feel it when watching the games. even a non fun of one of those teams can appreciate this rivalry that goes back almost to the beginning of the NFL.

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