american football movies – We are marshall

American football movies – we are Marshall

american football movies - We are marshall

we are Marshall is not a straight forward “football” movie. its more of a tale about a football team and not the game itself. in that fact its why it is a bit different from other American football movies and maybe why its better
it tells the story of the 1970 plane crash that toke the lives of the entire Marshall university football team and staff.
this is obviously a true story and one that is difficult to see or hear but it is also a great inspiration movie and one that has lots of
heart and character.
Matthew Mcconaughey is playing the part of head coach Jack Langyel and Matthew fox as coach red Dawson. the movie has a great cast with lots of talented actors that we usually see in American football movies
we are Marshall is a great movie that every football fan should watch – and even non fans of the game will enjoy very much. American football movies are always a great evening

coach jack lengyel is given the absolutely no chance job of rebuilding the Marshall university football team after they all died in a horrible
plane crash. he takes the job with less then 20 players that most of them transferred from a different sport just to keep the team alive.
before he even played a single game he has to go through awful bureaucrats to change some rules so that he’s freshman players can practice
and play for the team. reaching his first game of the season is an amazing accomplish by itself.
This movie is about legends. and the best legends are always true.Marshall uni goes on to have one of their worst years ever on that year
for obvious reasons and only win one game that season but for the town and everyone that was involved preforming and being able to play
after such a horrible accident is an amazing triumph that will echo for decades  and will be remembered as one of the best American football movies ever made

We are Marshall is an awesome movie that will leave you in tears but with a full heart.

one interesting thing about this movie is that its the first time a coach tried to change some rules of the game by saying he has to
let his freshmen players play otherwise he would not be able to put together a team and after the decision was made to let that happen
two years later in 1972 the changed the rule completely and gave everyone that chance. this changed the future of football since that time
giving young players the chance to shine and improve their teams

From my personal view and being one that watched a lot of American football movies we are Marshall is a great one not only because
it has a great story and almost every time a true story is a good movie. but because this is a well filmed well writing movie with a great
cast and again I’m sure even people that are not fans of American football movies would live this one

So when writing about this movie i knew i will love it. and all i can say is watch it and enjoy

here is a trailer for American football movies – We are Marshall :

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